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Specialized Face 3D Scan | 90ea & more DSLR for just Face Scanning

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for Realistic Human Avatar.

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Scanned by 3D STUDIO MOA™

MOA Face 3D Scan

MOA’s exclusive face zoom setting(200mm) ensures 3d scan quality that has never been seen before.
MIB is equipped with a total of DSLR 129ea, and DSLR 90ea focus on scanning the face.
And DSLR 63ea of them are equipped with a 200mm zoom lens to scan the surface of the face with greater precision.


18~200mm Zoom Rens


18~55mm Zoom Rens


Canon 200D II

MIB 55mm Normal Setting

MIB 200mm HQ Setting

MIB 55mm Normal Setting (closeup)

MIB 200mm HQ Setting (closeup)

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When you visit the studio, you can freely get 3D scan file of any expressions that you want after a simple setting.

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After 3D Scan, the data will be delivered in the form of modeling file(.obj) and texture file(.jpg)

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In addition to providing basic scan files, we can also provide processed files(topology, map source extraction and etc) upon request.

3D SCAN leads to Realistic Virtual World

Dennis Kim
3D STUDIO MOA not only provides you with the highest quality 3D data for realistic content work, but also works on various content creations. Meet the new world with 3D STUDIO MOA.