A creative 3D Studio based in Seoul

We were founded in 2013 with the dream of becoming the best 3D scanning center in Korea. In order to provide a new experience to general consumers by introducing optical 3D scanners and 3D printers in the early stages of the business, we conducted the 3D printing figure business for the first time in Korea.

After long research and development, we built our own photogrammetry 3D scanning system in 2016. After this, we upgraded the system through constant updates. In fact, it has established itself as the best system in Korea, has been successfully sold to many organizations, and is still selling.

Now, we are not only providing the industry’s best 3D data through our various experiences and achievements, but also performing data post-processing in-house. We have made an effort to become the best 3D scanning studio in the name and reality, and we plan to meet your eye level with unchanging and constant effort and passion.

We hope to create a new digital world with 3d Studio Moa.

Drawing the world in 3D!!

Our All-Star Team

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3D Scanning Service & Hardware

FACE 3D Scan Copy


Let’s do enormous work of moving the world into a virtual world.